Pilot Interview Handbook

Designed to get you into the airliner cockpit, by gathering everything you need to know in one place, and providing you with practical answers that leave nothing unexplained

About Us

The ultimate reason why we designed the Pilot Interview Handbook is to create the source that we wanted to have when we were preparing for our airline interviews.

A source that contains Technical Questions & Answers to the point, without having to refresh thousands of pages of flight school technical theory before the interview.

A source that contains Personal Questions with clear guidance on what to say, what not to say while also explaining the reason behind each question.

A source that contains guidance from an airline pilot on How to Prepare for the Interview (HR part, sim assessment, what airlines are looking for etc.).

This is why whether you are a pilot or a student pilot, the Pilot Interview Handbook will equip you with the material you need in order to understand/refresh the ATP/ATPL theory in a simple and effective way, as well as provide you with clear guidance on i) how you should prepare for airline interviews ii) what airlines are looking for and iii) what differentiates pilots who pass with those who fail their airline interviews.

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