Pilot Interview Handbook

Designed to get you into the airliner cockpit

What's included?

Technical Questions

All the Technical Questions you should know in order to pass the airline interview

Personal Questions

What to say and what not to say, understanding the reasons behind every question


To test and keep your knowledge fresh

Sim assessment

Guidance for your sim assessment by an airline pilot & instructor

How to Prepare

Advice and tips from a 737 airline pilot & instructor

Road to Airline

Guide on how to achieve optimum performance during flight school

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While every airline might have a slightly different assessment process, they all have a “Technical & Personal questions” part, which is what this Handbook is all about.

This Handbook is designed to get you into the airliner cockpit, by gathering in one place everything you need to know to pass your airline interview. 

Every answer you will find here is straight to the point, easy to understand and at the same time leaves nothing unexplained.

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